Saturday, April 29

Sock, Day 1, Again

Since my sock was too small and I wanted it so badly to be for me, I measured my gauge and frogged the sock, then restarted yet again. I bought sz 1 1/2 Brittany's b/c of the woman at my LYS's suggestion. Sadly, I knit way too tightly for 1 1/2's and don't have enough money currently to purchase 2's(LYS doesn't do returns on needles). Anyway I cast on 72 sts instead of 64 and have knit 5 of the 18 rows of twisted rib cuff. I want my first pair of socks to be PERFECT!!

On Wednesday night I went to Target and purchased a shelf for all of my knitting stash. The shelf has cute little colored bucket-like drawers which fit into it.
I filled them into specified containers: current projects, yarn intended for specific projects, cotton stash, random stash along with leftover yarn, and circular needles not a part of my interchangeable circulars kit.

On top of my shelf I have my final compartment for projects that need to be finished. My scarf, striped bag, and a pile of Taylor's afghan squares are currently occupying that space.

I am hoping with all of my heart to make my Embossed Leaves socks in the perfect size and will keep you posted with all of my progress and pattern changes.
Next projects I hope to make: cabled shrug with ArtYarns Regal Silk, and then the Somewhat Cowl which the Sexy Knitters have been knitting, but I cannot afford the yarn to make such an extensive project right now.


Emma said...

Good luck with the socks! You'll do fine.

Carrie K said...

Hopefully your Embossed socks will fit!I think my first 3 pairs didn't fit properly. Bah.