Saturday, April 8

Daily Dishcloths

I find that during the week I don't have a lot to post about, I want to, but I guess my life's a tad boring. I come home at night, eat, do some hw, knit, read, and then sleep if I have time. Plus reading my daily blogs and e-mails. I really do not know what I can say that's too exciting when I've been working on the same project for a couple weeks and am having a little trouble progressing.
So, last night, I decided why should I spend all of my time on one project without making small projects at times when it seems really tedious?
So that's what I did... I began, knit, and completely finished my monthly dishcloths KAL cloth:

This is my favorite cloth that I've made so far, but I did alter the pattern so that the watering can was reverse stockinette instead of garter stitch
While I was at the dishcloth working, I finished 2 other cloths.

This one I made forever ago, but kept forgetting to weave in the ends and now it's somewhat stretched out and I'm too lazy to block a dishcloth.

I knit this cloth while I was at the beach at the end of March and really enjoyed making it, so here it is finished and sewn together as best I could. I used the kitchener stitch to graft the sides together. Why? Because I'd never tried it before and a dishcloth is a pretty insubstantial project if I'd messed up.
Since I posted all of my recent dishcloths, I have yet another to show all of you:

This just goes to show that knit dishcloths put up with a lot, I've been using this cloth for two months, washing it on a fairly abusive cycle and it's holding up just dandy.

In Other News:
I am still working on Taylor's blanket and I'm still only on the 6th square, which means I'm almost half-way done with the checkerboard square.
This morning I had to get up bright and early to take the ACT, again, so wish me luck!!


Carrie K said...

Good luck! Even if it's a little late.

The dishcloths look good.

jennhx said...

The are beautiful! What pattern did you use for the round one? It looks neat.