Sunday, April 16

Happy Easter!

Recently, I've felt really boring, as if I had nothing to say whatsoever. Anyway, today is Easter, so Lent is now officially over(Yay!!). Once again, I can buy books and yarn. First order of business is the Yarn Harlot's new book Knitting Rules, which I have been lusting after since it first appeared at the book stores. I really want to buy some sock yarn and finally make beautiful socks (I love Gems Pearl yarn), but I still need to concentrate on Taylor's afghan. Progress, however, is coming along slowly, but steadily. Right now, I'm waiting on pictures to load, so it'll be just a minute before the progress is witnessed by others.
I received the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits and I must say I've found some patterns I want to make SO badly, and yet, I cannot.
Here is the first pattern which caught my eye, but sadly, it was an ad for Blue Sky Alpacas. I was very sad, but will soon be heading to my LYS to look for that pattern.

Next, socks, obviously. The green are my favorite, but it may just be because I don't especially like the picot edging on the pink ones. So, since, I love this pattern and they are the perfect, lightweight summer socks. It is likely that I will try to make them over my few months of freedom this summer, before the hell that is senior year begins.

The Bridgetown Belt Bag. At first, I didn't completely appreciate it, but then I saw the beautiful patterns and simplicity of the design. I was hooked, what can I say? The designer's blurb above the pattern mentioned using it for bike commutes, and I'd been wondering myself where to put all my stuff while I'm biking, or at least, when I'm thinking about biking. And voila! the solution to all of my problems is right there in front of me.

First pattern of the whole mag I am lusting after incessantly, which is pretty good. This tote makes me smile. Circles and bright colors basically make the world go round. Even though this tote may not ever happen, I love it and the thought of just looking at this picture sustains me.

Because today is Easter and also the 16th of the month, my monthly dishcloth group will be beginning our new pattern tomorrow. I am very excited, dishcloths have a very therapeutic effect on me, even more than other knitting projects. They're just so quick and pretty. Anyway, I have my yarn and needles all set out to go tomorrow. I can't wait to see what it looks like!

I am hoping to have more to post about in the coming week, but I can never be too confident. I am very excited about dropping by Borders tomorrow to pick up Knitting Rules, and also taking a friend to my new fav LYS Loops, it's been open less than a month, but it's absolutely brilliant.
Oh! I almost forgot. My next project, seriously, is going to be a gorgeous shrug made from my Artyarns Regal Silk which my KTC pal sent me. I've been swatching and I am looking forward to wearing it SO MUCH!!!

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