Tuesday, May 29

Summer Knits

Summer Projects
I have cast-on/swatched/purchased yarn for 3 different summer tops:

White Silk Sweater from Rebecca 33

I even took it with me to NC for Memorial Day:

This pattern is originally written to be knit flat in two pieces, but I wanted to knit it in the round, so I had to re-chart the lace, cast-on, etc.

Collared Tank from KnitSimple Spring/Summer 07

Cotton Twist

Rusted Root

Cotton Fleece

Summer Socks

After I modeled for Loopville, I bought some yarn (and they gave me a discount!)

I'm hoping to make nona's sideways socks


Susan said...

Oh Man! The silk sweater is soooo yummy. That colorway is stunning!
And how much do I love sockotta in those sherbety colors!!!

Hey, wait a minute....You don't have any pics from your modeling gig???
What's up with that?
I bet you had a blast.
You should've totally taken off with the dress. ;)

shopgirl said...

Oh jeez. Thanks for the sweetest comment, ever!

I bought the same shade of cotton fleece about a year ago to make a Rusted Root, but that totally ended up in the frong pod. I've finally figured out something else for that yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing what mine could have been!