Wednesday, May 2

Relaxing Knits

I've been relaxing this week before everything begins next week. Doing the daily rows of my KAL seemed to be just the trick. I had to leave in a hurry for a meeting and took a hat I'd started a while ago, frogged part of it, and left it sitting alone for months. It got some love today, but I forgot the book with the pattern and had to hope I could remember the stripe width (Candy Cane Hat from Handknit Holidays).
Yesterday I said I'd be trying some combination knitting and, people, I think I'm sold. It's so quick. My one problem is keeping a consistent gauge, but practice makes perfect, right?

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Susan said...

I remember seeing combination knitting on Knitty Gritty. Didn't Annie Modesitt say she could knit in a movie theater because w/combo knitting you can feel which stitch is next??? I think that is Amazing.
I can't wait to see the candy cane hat. It's going to be sooo cute!