Friday, May 11

Determination and Its Knitting Benefits

This week I've been taking a few AP exams, I went into 2 of 3 determined and sure of myself: English and Calculus... Government was disastrous. All the studying and just the feeling of determination (also the adrenaline rush of the end of the semester/high school!) made me determined to finish a project: The Central Park Hoodie.

I picked up and knit the edging, the seams have been sewn and by tomorrow all of the (MANY) ends will be woven in and I'll have my FIRST completed sweater.
Stay tuned for more fibery goodness!

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nona said...

Congratulations on finshing your CPH and getting through your AP exams. My son just finished his exams as well and is off camping and enjoying a well deserved senior-skip-day. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!