Friday, March 23

Sewing Extravaganza

I put my sewing "skills" to work these past two days and made a bag I am proud of. My first project has MANY imperfections, but it's a tote for my knitting and any extra bag is good.
My main screw-ups were:
Using my rotary cutter and not making a straight line
Threading the machine wrong (the bobbin, too)
Sewing the top of my tote closed
Mainly, I just got very skilled at using a seam ripper and developed many new and interesting curses each time I made a rookie mistake.

Here she is in all her blue splendor:

And she's already been put to use in storing my Somewhat Cowl:

I don't have too much time before I have to go to work, so I'll leave you with some Project Spectrum shots I've been meaning to share. The movies I had to include because I watched them this week and was excited about their "blue-ness".

1. Periwinkle Fixation, 2. Blue Needle Case, 3. T-Pins on the Cheap, and Blue, Too, 4. AnotherBlueMovie-Bewitched, 5. Blue Plymouth Galway for Felted Bowl, 6. Blue-ish Rotary Cutter, 7. Periwinkle Fixation Socks' Heel Flap, 8. BlueMovie- AGoodYear, 9. My Blue Tools, 10. Periwinkle Fixation Sock, 11. Somewhat Cowl in my NEW BAG!!!, 12. My First Solo Sewing Gig


Susan said...

Great job Allie...and even us sewing veterans fall victim to rookie mistakes. I am all to intimate with My seam ripper!

Your bag is lovely & looks even better toting hand knits :)

Zaz said...

oMg allie, you sewing extravaganza comment is so funny!!! i have just bought a singer 155 edited for their 155th anniversary and it will be my first electrical. oops, i had been using mom's inherited foot pedal mechanical singer, high time for me to go on to the 20th century, wish me luck with it! especially the bobbin an winding the thread thing, hehe.