Monday, March 12

Busy, Busy, Busy

I cast on a pair of Cable Footies from One Skein last Wednesday. I finished the first Saturday

and cast on the second yesterday and I am nearing the finish line. My second pair of socks has been fun-- worsted weight makes the project go by so quickly!! These socks are for my boyfriend, Hunter,'s mother, who enjoys hating me. Bribery works sometimes, doesn't it??

At Urban Outfitters, I bought Sew U and I CAN'T WAIT to learn how to sew. A little while ago, I played around with my mom's old machine and stitched some muslin, just to get the feel of the machine. I have a long way to go before I achieve anything wearable, but I'm still very excited.

College decisions have been nearly finalized and if I go to the nicer, more expensive school that I love, I will be making many sacrifices in the name of frugality. I'm hoping very much that I can take handmade objects to the next level. Wish me luck!

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Susan said...

Un-freak'in believable!
Granted, my socks aren't nearly as cute as yours, but I did just complete a pair of toe-ups and some pocket slippers.
AND I sew and am currently finishing a Little Red Riding Hood cape for one of my nieces for a school play.
Apparently we live parallel lives...except you're younger, blonder & cuter. (damn!)
Come visit me, I'm running a contest right now for St. Paddy's Day ;)


**Love that you knit those for your boyfriends Mom. Kill'em w/kindness I say. She'll come around. Cute & Crafty is an irresistable combination!