Saturday, April 28

My new set-up

Finally, I got my own computer: such a gratifying thing. Before, I had to share with the rest of my family and sometimes they had more time-consuming important things to do than my blogging- they're Muggles, they wouldn't understand.

Last night, I caught up on the last two episodes of Lost. While I watched Lost on my beautiful new Mac, I decided I needed some mindless knitting. The Multi-Yarn Shawl is perfect: row after row of plain old stockinette.
I'm really hoping having my own computer will make blogging so much simpler, and already I think it does. Still learning the Mac, since I'm an ex-PC user. Wish me luck! Everyone have a great weekend of knitting!!


Susan said...

Well Hello!

I see you have been busy. Love the Granny Squares. The colors are gorgeous. It's going to be fab.
Congrats on the new Mac. She's a beauty.
Glad to see you are blogging again ;)

EmilyElizabeth said...

Hey Allie-
I followed you here from your comment on my blogpost at Granny-Along. I love your squares! It was yours specifically that caught my eye. A lot of people are more into using their scrap yarn and making modge-podge blankets, but I liked how yours seemed intentional, with a pattern/color-coordination to it. Hope to see more posts soon, and congrats on your new computer, I just got one myself and I gotta say, it's so much nicer to not have to worry about sharing it. Take care!

Jess said...

Your computer and mine could be friends! I have been a mac user all my life, and I am not real familiar with pc. If you ever have any questions, pop on over to my blog and let me know! I'll help you out! Love your knitting!

nona said...

How lucky you are to have a Mac -- and your OWN Mac at that. You'll get used to it quickly and will be glad you're off the PC. By the way, isn't Lost a great show. My son and I watch it religiously.