Sunday, February 19

Not Much News

It's been a while since I've written and for good reason...
I've had a pretty boring week, so I don't have a whole lot to comment about. I am continuing my work on the knitting Olympics, plus finishing my mom's "Christmas" gift and doing my dishcloth KAL. I didn't have school Friday and also have tomorrow off, so I am hoping to get beaucoup de knitting fini.
I have been continuing to read Woman on the Edge of Time and would readily recommend it to all who feel unsatisfied with the world we are living in. It really makes you think about how you are polluting the environment and understand what you can do to help the world. Every little bit helps.
In addition to reading and knitting, I purchased the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, who has to be the most amazing man alive. That movie is almost more addicting than knitting. *gasp*
Since I don't have much more to say, I will head on now and try to come up with a much more exciting life and report back as soon as possible.

Monday, February 13

The Olympian Strives for Her Best

This morning, I woke up to a tremendous surprise... School was cancelled, I could stay at home and sleep for hours. I got up close to noon and turned on a season of Friends while I knit and knit and knit. So I have made some progress this afternoon.
Also, I mentioned my friend's cover-up I am contemplating making. It's actually from Victoria's Secret, so I'm attempting to design my first pattern, but luckily I have an idea of how to do it. I just have to make sure she likes my ideas.
Well, wish me luck and all that good stuff!


Sunday, February 12

Ready, Set... Knit!!

The Olympics is off to a decent start, but I have to admit I haven't been knitting much more than usual. I'm going to try to knit for about an hour each night before I go to bed, in addition to reading Woman on the Edge of Time for a while each night as well. Luckily, I have some ridiculous obsession with watching the Olympics, so I oughta be up late anyway.
A bit of a roadblock is a friend wants me to knit her a cover-up for spring break and I feel compelled to because she's been through a lot lately and deserves a handknit project. I will make it a part of my Olympic project and not let it make me feel discouraged or behind, after all I am challenging myself.
Also, a shout-out to the knitting podcasts which I love and listen to religiously:
Cast On
About Time
I would listen to more of them, but I am very impatient and for some reason I feel compelled to sit still and stare at the computer while the podcasts download.
But if you haven't listened to these podcasts, I would suggest you check them out, they're very inspirational and, personally, they make me feel less like an idiot about my fiber/knitting obsession.
Happy Knitting and Good Luck to All During the Knitting Olympics,


Tuesday, February 7

Knit the Classixtravaganza

Yesterday, I was going to write a post, but it turned out that Blogger was being worked on. So, I went shopping after school yesterday to look for the Knit the Classics books for the next few months. Since I was on a budget: $10, I was surprised that I was able to buy two books for that price. I bought Moll Flanders and Woman on the Edge of Time.
I started reading WOTEOT last night before bed, it's interesting so far, although I did fall asleep with it on my lap. Finding an appropriate project will be difficult, but I'm sure the further I get into it, the more the fated project will appear to me.
Today is my catch-up day, I am so behind on everything. My house is a mess and I seriously need to do my laundry, I just threw that in (which is my excuse for taking the time to blog this.)
Still working on Hush-Hush and loving it. It's so beautiful and the way the yarn knits up is just so slinky. I'm really excited about getting it finished, so I'm trying to not start anything else until it is completely finished.
Knitting Olympics Decision- I've decided not to knit an entire project start to finish and abandon my existing UFOs. So I'm going to knit daily and try out challenging stitch patterns and colorways. I will be challenging myself in a different way, but I will still feel gratified if I finish my first garment during the Olympics.


Sunday, February 5


So, I was playing around with my good friend Google today and came upon a website called Knit the Classics. I was amazed at my good fortune. Not only is it a reading group, which I love, the group knits projects which are relevant to the books. I have to say that I am extremely excited about this prospect. My goal right now is to figure out how to add buttons to my blog. I certainly hope I can, since computers sometimes mystify me.
Well, it's Super Bowl Sunday, not that it means too much to me, it just means I get to go hang out with some friends and pretend I care who wins.
Anyway, I just wanted to announce my newfound happiness about Knit the Classics, and also to express my dilemma about whether or not to compete in the 2006 Knitting Olympics. I just don't know, I already have so many projects I am working on.


all about allie

My first blog- I'm not exactly sure what to put, but here goes, a simple introduction. I'm allie, an obsessive knitter, lover of all kinds of music, and an addict of the written word. My life revolves around these things.
Well, right now I am working on this precious nightgown pattern off in Camomile yarn, but I think it will end up being a tunic-length tank. Sadly, I'm afraid I don't have enough of my turquoise to finish the entire pattern, so I make have to change colors for the top lace section. I'll worry about that when I get to it.
Since this is my first post, I'll leave it that. Just a brief intro and whatnot.