Tuesday, February 7

Knit the Classixtravaganza

Yesterday, I was going to write a post, but it turned out that Blogger was being worked on. So, I went shopping after school yesterday to look for the Knit the Classics books for the next few months. Since I was on a budget: $10, I was surprised that I was able to buy two books for that price. I bought Moll Flanders and Woman on the Edge of Time.
I started reading WOTEOT last night before bed, it's interesting so far, although I did fall asleep with it on my lap. Finding an appropriate project will be difficult, but I'm sure the further I get into it, the more the fated project will appear to me.
Today is my catch-up day, I am so behind on everything. My house is a mess and I seriously need to do my laundry, I just threw that in (which is my excuse for taking the time to blog this.)
Still working on Hush-Hush and loving it. It's so beautiful and the way the yarn knits up is just so slinky. I'm really excited about getting it finished, so I'm trying to not start anything else until it is completely finished.
Knitting Olympics Decision- I've decided not to knit an entire project start to finish and abandon my existing UFOs. So I'm going to knit daily and try out challenging stitch patterns and colorways. I will be challenging myself in a different way, but I will still feel gratified if I finish my first garment during the Olympics.


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ttbookjunkie said...

I am rooting for you to finish your garment during the olympics!!

Amanda :)