Sunday, February 5


So, I was playing around with my good friend Google today and came upon a website called Knit the Classics. I was amazed at my good fortune. Not only is it a reading group, which I love, the group knits projects which are relevant to the books. I have to say that I am extremely excited about this prospect. My goal right now is to figure out how to add buttons to my blog. I certainly hope I can, since computers sometimes mystify me.
Well, it's Super Bowl Sunday, not that it means too much to me, it just means I get to go hang out with some friends and pretend I care who wins.
Anyway, I just wanted to announce my newfound happiness about Knit the Classics, and also to express my dilemma about whether or not to compete in the 2006 Knitting Olympics. I just don't know, I already have so many projects I am working on.


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