Sunday, February 12

Ready, Set... Knit!!

The Olympics is off to a decent start, but I have to admit I haven't been knitting much more than usual. I'm going to try to knit for about an hour each night before I go to bed, in addition to reading Woman on the Edge of Time for a while each night as well. Luckily, I have some ridiculous obsession with watching the Olympics, so I oughta be up late anyway.
A bit of a roadblock is a friend wants me to knit her a cover-up for spring break and I feel compelled to because she's been through a lot lately and deserves a handknit project. I will make it a part of my Olympic project and not let it make me feel discouraged or behind, after all I am challenging myself.
Also, a shout-out to the knitting podcasts which I love and listen to religiously:
Cast On
About Time
I would listen to more of them, but I am very impatient and for some reason I feel compelled to sit still and stare at the computer while the podcasts download.
But if you haven't listened to these podcasts, I would suggest you check them out, they're very inspirational and, personally, they make me feel less like an idiot about my fiber/knitting obsession.
Happy Knitting and Good Luck to All During the Knitting Olympics,


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