Friday, June 16

A Break from the Hubbub

I have been way too busy to post in about a month. So this is a quick update since I'm tired and I'm SO ready for bed.
On May 29, I left for Paris. I spent a few days in Paris visiting the Musee des Invalides which houses Napoleon's tomb, the Louvre (which is great to see after reading Da Vinci Code, also reread the book on a train from France to Spain) and experienced a whole new caliber of shopping. The whole time, however, I did not have time to shop for yarn. I did, however, take a picture of a few skeins in Chambord (a castle of Frances the 1st).
From France we traveled a full day to Barcelona where the heat is sweltering and I do not understand a word. French is my language which I can speak decently and understand minimally. But that's saying a lot compared to my Spanish-speaking skills: Hola! and Quantos? and Perdonnas-mes when I run into people on the streets. In Barcelona, we looked at this beautiful mosaic park (which I will post pictures of tomorrow when my eyes will stay open), went to yet another church, went to a topless beach (I envy Spanish women's self-confidence), and experienced a true Spanish bullfight (mindnumbingly dull, or so I thought). Madrid was our last visit and also has the best shopping in the entire world. Everything was very cheap and seemingly well-made. If I hadn't spent so much in France, I could have bought about three times as much stuff in Madrid. Oh well, it was all a ton of fun and I should either post a couple pictures or just leave a link to my scrapblog.

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