Tuesday, May 16

Une Chausette a Fini!!

My first sock is done!! I finished last night and I'm so proud of myself. In a celebratory effort, I cast on for my second pair of socks today.

This picture isn't the most flattering and it makes the foot look enormous...

but they fit me perfectly.

I cannot wait to have my very own pair of handknit socks. By the way, the comfort far surpasses all other socks I've worn before. I'd always heard that once you try handknit socks you can never revert back. It's an addiction, but that's alright since I'm addicted to knitting as well.
I got a little bored the other night (I messed up a pattern repeat on my sock and was too lazy to unknit the rows) and began the cutest little striped baby hat for an Acting teacher at my school whose due date is soon approaching.

Since she's having a boy and I have a lot of Cotton-Ease in my stash, little Devin will have a nice and soft blue hat with green stripes.

I got the pattern from Melanie Falick's Handknit Holidays.

Last, but certainly not least, is my Monthly Dishcloth group swap cloth. I was trying way too hard to make the cloth fancy by doing too many colors and making the dishcloth want to be a little bag.

Needless to say it's not working out and I need to send it fairly soon. Any great dishcloth patterns out there? If not, I'll be creative and make up my own... or something.
On another note, finals are fast approaching as is my trip to France. When I return there will be an overwhelming amount of pictures. Along with me on all of these adventures is my trusty friend and savior:

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