Wednesday, February 14

Truckin'- A Post of Wicked Pictures

It's been a week/weekend of progress. Wicked is nearing the finish line-- it will be my first completed sweater!! My excitement has kept me going round after round.

I marked the pocket placement with some new stitch markers, I had to make a special trip, but it was worth it.

The pocket is nearly finished in this picture. I cast it on this morning...

And by 9 tonight it was a part of my sweater!!

I stil have 2/3 of the seed stitch border left, but that will take very little time, I was just getting a little burnt out (I've spend probably um... 5 hours on this sweater today).

In Other News (or some Bejeweled Eye Candy):

This is Maggie, Hunter's dog. She's so sweet and I love the contrast of my violet Bejeweled and her fluffy white fur!!

Hopefully, I will be onto the sleeves of Wicked or done with it next time I post. I will be out of town this weekend, so knitting will definitely be on the agenda!!

Happy Valentine's Day to All!! I hope it was memorable, at the very least!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Fantastic job on Wicked and I of course Luh-Huv the color!!!
Maggie looks smashing w/your violet bejeweled;)
Can't wait to see Wicked all done!