Sunday, March 12

Project AND Pictures

Here is the project I started last weekend, beginning with the pattern in Weekend Knitting:

Here's my progress so far on Friday:

Here's my current scarf, which I somewhat fashioned after In Her Shoes:

I love the colorways from this scarf.

Then, finally, here's my progress on Hush-Hush:

I have about 4 inches to go and then the top lace section.

So, those are my current projects, sorry for the picture overkill. I hope you like all of the projects.



Carrie K said...

No such thing as picture overkill! Pretty!

Carrie K said...

Hi Allie. I sent your stuff off in the mail yesterday but it's insured, so you might have to go pick it up at the post office if you're not there when it gets delivered.

I hope you like it! It should be there by Friday at the latest.