Friday, March 31

Afghan Progress and Spring Blooms

Yesterday, Emily and I returned to Loops to pick up more yarn, already. So far these are the squares I've completed. I've had a bit of trouble with the intarsia, but for the most part I am very much enjoying the project. Since my Show Choir went to competition, I have 3rd period basically free at school, which makes for great knitting time. I have to make 15 of this specific square, and I've almost finished 3.

Here is an up-close and personal shot of the square, you can pretty much see the stitch definition of the hearts.

Last night, while I was knitting, I began to think of Savannah and how I taught her to knit barely 2 months ago. Time flies so quickly, but I had a few wonderful years with her and I will always respect her dying wish: to remember her. Savannah will not soon be forgotten and making this afghan for her sister, Taylor, has been a really great outlet for my grief, it's just been very rewarding.
Moving on to brighter and better things...
Spring has sprung upon us, and, with it, my favorite tree is blooming beautifully. Sadly, a picture does not do it true justice, plus it's overcast today (there's been a tornado warning issued), so I can just blame the picture on the lighting.

Here are the beautiful flowers. I always know Spring is truly here when my beautiful tree begins to bloom outside my bedroom window. This tree has been in my front yard forever and it has become a part of my seasonal traditions and my family always takes Easter pictures in front of the tree after church.

This year is going by so quickly and I feel like I'm almost missing it, but it's been pretty good so far. I cannot wait for this year to be over and for my senior year to be here, just so I can get through all of this.
Since March ends today, I would like to wish everyone a Happy April Fool's Day, especially the members of my KTC group as we begin reading Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders



Carrie K said...

That's such a pretty afghan! I like the heart motifs.

Pretty flowers. Our cherry blossoms bloomed early but it's been raining the whole month.

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