Thursday, August 10

Rearranging priorities

I have decided to knit some different projects for a bit of change in my knitting repertoire.
I pulled out a drawer of UFO's and decide to put them back in a different order.

This fuzzy pillow is obviously something I started years ago... pink and fuzzy, what was I thinking?

The gauge fairy caught up with me and I have succeeded in making half a shrug the size to fit a giant instead of my tiny (5', 100 lb) mother.

This is a cute project, but I will pick it up again soon. Until then, it will sit here untouched and unloved while I continue to more fortunate projects. I hope it can forgive me my wretched behavior.

I love this pattern, but I think I have a fear of finishing it because I love it so much.

Yoga mat bag, with a ridiculously simple lace pattern, is being cast on yet again because I have just achieved an understanding of lace knitting.

My newly prioritized, organized drawer:

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